Lights, camera, action

Tomorrow (Saturday) a launch event for the filming of The Right Juice,
the first English language and full length feature film about the
Algarve, will take place at the recently re-opened Zoomarine in Guia.

A selection of the actors appearing in the movie will be present at the
event, including Love Actually star Lúcia Moniz, who will play Nesta,
the romantic interest of the film.

Lúcia will be coming to the Algarve to practice her "show" with the
dolphins in Zoomarine.

Other actors such as Mark Killeen, who will play Oliver Fellows, Miguel
Damião who plays the part of Manel and Ellie Chidzey who plays the role
of Sally Fellows will also attend the event.

Principal shooting of the movie will begin on March 28 and continue for
six weeks, all at Algarve locations.

Fonte: Algarve Resident
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