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Fio de Luz ao vivo no PRIMO

Lúcia Moniz no PRIMO - Radio Comercial - Audio

Lúcia Moniz no PRIMO hoje na Radio Comercial

Lúcia Moniz é a convidada desta semana do PRIMO que vem falar do seu livro "Vou tentar falar sem dizer nada", programa de Nuno Markl e Vasco Palmerim que passa na Rádio Comercial todos os Sábados ao 12:00 e em repetição Domingos pelas 23h00. Quem perder os programas pode sempre voltar a ouvir no podcast.
Não percam!
Foto by Marcador

"Vou Tentar Falar Sem Dizer Nada" da Lúcia Moniz na Praça da Alegria

Turn back the page: In 2004, family recalled 'Love Actually' star as exchange student

The Jan. 1, 2004, issue of the Eden Prairie news included an Eden Prairie connection to the new movie "Love Actually."
"Lucie Moniz' acting turn as a housekeeper in the recent hit movie, 'Love Actually,' is strictly against type, says the Eden Prairie family who knows.
"'My husband and I think it's ironic that she plays a cleaning lady,' said Margaret Borg, whose family hosted Moniz  in 1993 and 1994 when she was a foreign exchange student at Eden Prairie High School.
"'When she lived with us, she was expected to clean her own room and bathroom,' Borg continued. 'I asked her if she had done any of this before and she answered that she hadn't, but her grandmother told her that she would have to learn this in the U.S. I can still see her holding a dishcloth daintily between her thumb and forefinger trying to wash dish…