A star-studded film launch

Some of the cast, from left, British actor Mark Killeen, British actress Ellie Chidzey, Portuguese actors Miguel Damião and Lúcia Moniz, at the launch presentation of The Right Juice at Zoomarine last Saturday
Some of the cast, from left, British actor Mark Killeen, British actress Ellie Chidzey, Portuguese actors Miguel Damião and Lúcia Moniz, at the launch presentation of The Right Juice at Zoomarine last Saturday Photo: INÊS LOPES – ALGARVE RESIDENT
An audience of film enthusiasts and supporters attended the star-studded invitation-only launch of the first English language full length feature film about the Algarve, The Right Juice, at Zoomarine park in Guia last Saturday.

Dozens of guests waited eagerly to meet the cast, including Love Actually star Lúcia Moniz and British actors Mark Killeen and Ellie Chidzey, who greeted the audience and sat on the front row of the screening theatre to watch the latest teaser trailer for The Right Juice.

Following the screening of the first short teaser for the film in October last year, which showed the slow pace of country life in the Algarve albeit not without its frustrations, the second teaser however included some action in the form of bad boy Andreus Dranius (played by Beau McClellan) taking to the dusty country lanes at high speed and overtaking an ageing three-wheeler Piaggio Ape pick up transporting a Portaloo, which ends up overturning in the process.

Comedy abounds in this typical Algarve tale and the second teaser had everyone laughing with the ‘baddy’ also featuring in a scene tricking the old Portuguese folk at a public service department by swapping ticket numbers to get to the front of the queue.

Actress Jessica Mota, known for her part in The Algarveans’ pantomime Aladdin, was also featured in the second teaser.

The launch event saw film director Kristjan Knigge and co-producer Chris Parker addressing the audience about the trials and tribulations of producing such a film in the Algarve and emphasising the need for additional funding to be able to continue with the project. Producers need to raise €150,000 by mid-May, and so far have €80,000.

Kristjan Knigge, who lives in Amsterdam but grew up in the Algarve, said: “We are now closer than we ever were to realising our dream. We have actors, a script, the locations and the cameras, which arrived recently.

“When we shot the first teaser in September last year, we had no actors. So we’ve done it! There are just a few things left to organise but we’re nearly there.”

When asked why he had chosen the Algarve, the director, who still considers the region his terra, said: “It’s just brilliant here! The light is also fantastic and our camera crew is delighted.”

Portuguese actress and singer, Lúcia Moniz, who will play dolphin trainer Nesta, the romantic interest in the film, told the Algarve Resident on Saturday: “I’m delighted with my involvement in The Right Juice and will be shooting in the Algarve for 15 days non-stop.”

The director said Lúcia Moniz was perfect for the part as it was “just lucky” that she had previous experience training with dolphins and could do tricks with the animals. “I really wanted to get Lúcia Moniz for the film, so this was just another case where serendipity played a part in the process of producing this film,” said Kristjan who added that other subjects featuring in the film, such as oil drilling and mining, are examples of fact following fiction.

Mark Killeen will play the lead, Oliver Fellows, Portuguese actor Miguel Damião, also present at the launch, will play Manel Guerreiro, Oliver’s neighbour, and Ellie Chidzey will play Oliver’s wife, Sally.

Local musician Pedro Frias is the composer for the film as well as being in charge of sound. At the event, Pedro Frias played a brilliant track featuring in The Right Juice  on his guitar while amusing the audience with the screening of his ‘alter ego’ band members from around the world.

Principal shooting of the movie was due to begin on Wednesday and continue for six weeks, all at Algarve locations.

First table read

The first ‘table read’ of the whole script of The Right Juice was held last Sunday.

A table read is when the principal actors and supporting actors sit round a table to read the script out loud, each reading their own roles.

Assistant Director and “Hollywood veteran” Karen Radzikowski read the descriptions and actions while the director listened and took notes. “One hour and 53 minutes later and the whole script had been read. Funny, moving, engaging, wonderful,” said Kristjan Knigge. “Hearing the words and enjoying the pace and rhythm of the story for the first time was a privilege. The story unfolding right there in front of us, the actors engaging with each other and playing off each other. We’re making a movie!”

About the film

The Right Juice, written by Algarve resident David Butler-Cole, is described as a typical Algarve tale about a disgraced young English banker (Oliver Fellows) who wants to start an orange plantation in the Algarve but sees his past catching up with him when he strikes oil.

The film aims to encompass all the region has to offer, its locations, the sunlight and its people and is being funded by individuals and businesses from the Algarve.

Helpers and investors are still needed. 

Fonte: Algarve Resident


2.º aniversário do Canal Q

Markl e Ana Galvão são 'Felizes Para Sempre'

Hoje, no dia do seu 2º aniversário, o canal Q promove a estreia de Felizes Para Sempre, uma série que pretende explorar, com humor, todos os detalhes da vida a dois.
 Às 23h00, no canal na posição 15 do MEO, Ana Galvão e Nuno Markl, casal na vida real, abrem a porta do seu lar, respondem a dúvidas e inquietações dos espectadores.
Dizem que “entre marido e mulher não se mete a colher”. Para quê uma colher quando se podem pôr câmaras, microfones e até uma Lúcia Moniz, que fará uma participação especial nesta estreia?

Fonte: Destak




"The Right Juice": Rodagens do filme algarvio prestes a começar

As rodagens do filme “The Right Juice”, primeira longa-metragem algarvia de língua inglesa, estão prestes a começar. A partir do dia 28 de março e durante 32 dias as filmagens vão decorrer com as participações de Lúcia Moniz, Miguel Damião, Mark Killeen, Beau McClellan e Ellie Chidzey.

Mais do que a primeira longa-metragem algarvia o projeto destaca-se pelos baixos custos de produção aliados à qualidade da equipa e cenários. A película será filmada integralmente no Algarve, prometendo dar a conhecer muitas das paisagens do interior Algarvio.

O filme conta com o apoio e patrocínios das empresas e população algarvias e espera saltar para os ecrãs dos festivais de cinema internacionais no final deste ano com o objetivo de promover o Algarve internacionalmente e apoiar o turismo.

No site poderão ser consultados todos os passos desta aventura e associar-se ao projeto, ficando a fazer parte da produção da primeira longa-metragem algarvia.

O filme conta a história de Oliver Fellows, um jovem bancário que após uma especulação que correu mal sobre os preços do petróleo foge para o Algarve, onde decide plantar um laranjal, mas quando procura água no terreno, encontra mais uma vez o seu pesadelo: petróleo.

Fonte: KissFm 95.8 - Algarve

Filming to start on The Right Juice

Principal photography is to start on the Algarve-based low budget indie film ‘The Right Juice’ on Wednesday, 28 March and will roll cameras for six weeks, following a launch event to be held at Zoomarine on 24 March.
The team behind the ‘The Right Juice’ have been working hard in recent months and are bringing the whole production together. All the parts have been cast including the character of Nesta, the romantic interest to be played by renowned Portuguese actress Lúcia Moniz who starred alongside Colin Firth in the 2003 hit ‘Love Actually’.
Film producer Barbara (BJ) Boulter told The Portugal News this week: “I simply picked up the phone, after gaining her contact number through friends in the business, and spoke directly to Lucia, she is a lovely person and a very talented actress.”
“She was in Los Angeles at the time but was interested in the project and asked to read the script, she put me through to her agent and there we are,” she added.
Other actors now confirmed to star in the film include British actress Ellie Chidzey, known for her role as the barbarian Lux in the 2005 film Dungeons & Dragons 2: Wrath of the Dragon God, who is to play the role of Sally Fellows, while British actor Mark Killeen who has played the male lead in the soon to be released film ‘Callback Queen’ will play the main character Oliver Fellows.
Portuguese actor Miguel Damião, from the recent national soap ‘Laços de Sangue’ has also been cast for the role of Manel in ‘The Right Juice.’
“All of the actors have been invited to the presentation on Saturday (24 March) ahead of the start of filming, and the team are very excited,” said BJ.
The presentation at Zoomarine on Saturday is by invitation only and will feature a new teaser of the film to whet the public’s appetite.
“Readers and the public are very welcome to get involved with The Right Juice, as fundraising is ongoing as we have only raised around 54 percent of the €150,000 we aim to receive in pledges,” said BJ, adding that all donations however large or small will be gratefully received and help pay towards filming costs from fuel for vehicles to feeding cast and crew on set. (See The Portugal News edition 24 December, 2011).
Aside from the appeal for funding, a variety of props and equipment are also needed to keep filming costs down.
These include a truck full of oranges, water and beverages to fuel the cast and crew, fuel for vehicles, vehicles themselves to be lent, such as motorcycles, van and motor homes and much more.
“We have received so many offers of help, from the leasing of cars to the free maintenance of the three Ape vehicles throughout filming, we are so grateful to everyone who has contributed so far,” said BJ.
For those who want a piece of the action, there is one party scene that will require a large crowd of well dressed people, and readers are welcome to join in.
“This party scene will be filmed at night throughout Easter weekend in the Loulé area. Volunteers who are interested in a part in the crowd should contact me to find out more and sign up, but essentially they must be prepared to come dressed up and to work all night long,” said BJ, adding: “they will be given hot soup to keep them going, but filming can be a lengthy business, so people need to know it could run all night for the night scenes.”
Her energy and enthusiasm as well as months of hard work have lifted this Algarve project off the ground.
Local Indie author and British resident Suzy Turner told The Portugal News how she has become involved with the project and landed the role of script continuity supervisor for The Right Juice.
“It was a mutual friend who suggested me for the role and I told her I would be very interested. Before I knew it, BJ just picked up the phone and gave me a call,” she said.
An experienced writer and keen cineaste, Suzy Turner is looking forward to her first role in a film production and is currently being coached by June Moody an Algarve resident with 40 years of experience in the business.
“I’m very excited, I think this will be huge for the Algarve as not enough productions are filmed here aside from the odd advert or snippets,” she added.


Lights, camera, action

Tomorrow (Saturday) a launch event for the filming of The Right Juice,
the first English language and full length feature film about the
Algarve, will take place at the recently re-opened Zoomarine in Guia.

A selection of the actors appearing in the movie will be present at the
event, including Love Actually star Lúcia Moniz, who will play Nesta,
the romantic interest of the film.

Lúcia will be coming to the Algarve to practice her "show" with the
dolphins in Zoomarine.

Other actors such as Mark Killeen, who will play Oliver Fellows, Miguel
Damião who plays the part of Manel and Ellie Chidzey who plays the role
of Sally Fellows will also attend the event.

Principal shooting of the movie will begin on March 28 and continue for
six weeks, all at Algarve locations.

Fonte: Algarve Resident


Lúcia Moniz entra em Filme inglês

Fonte:Jornal de Notícias

O filme já tem site oficial podem acompanhar as novidades em


Concerto na Fnac de Alfragide - dia 31 de Março pelas 22h00

Fio de Luz marca o  regresso de Lúcia Moniz à música após 6 anos de ausência. Play a sound to me, foi 1ª single a ser extraído do álbum, e que contou  com a produção, arranjos e direcção musical de Fred (Orelha Negra, Buraka Som Sistema). Em cada canção Moniz empresta um otimismo renovado, e é a própria cantora que o reitera: “Nas músicas e nas letras descobre-se a procura de bonança”, “um fio de luz a bordar a vida”.

Fonte: Fnac


Palco Sunset Rock in Rio - CD já à venda

Em 2012, ano em que Cidade do Rock volta a Lisboa, a Vidisco prepara-se para lançar um CD Palco Sunset com duetos inusitados num palco dedicado à ousadia o Palco Sunset, um espaço que recebeu encontros especiais entre artistas consagrados e novos nomes nacionais e internacionais de diversos generos musicais. Entre eles, Tim (Xutos & Pontapés) e Mariza, Rui Veloso e Maria Rita, Expensive Soul, Luís Represas e Martinho da Vila, entre muitos outros.
Onde cada um teve total liberdade para experimentar para se aventurar em jam sessions que foram levados para o palco e nasceram interpretações magnificas do repertório uns dos outros, estendedo o convite para todos aqueles que se quiseram aventurar.
Seja ousado! Não fique de fora, agora pode escutar toda essa criatividade, sentir a toda a aventura e improvisos no CD Palco Sunset do maior Festival de Entretenimento do mundo, o Rock in Rio Lisboa.

Aqui fica uma das canções desta colectânea :


Incógnito - RTP

Magnolia, "67" e "Leva-me pr'a Casa" disponíveis no Itunes e Amazon

Os restantes albúns (Magnolia, 67 e Leva-me pr'casa) da Lúcia Moniz estão agora disponíveis nas conhecidas lojas de música - itunes e no formato mp3.